The Lords of Print

About Us

The Story So Far

(Please read the following in an English accent for proper effect.) It was a time of woe and ugly t-shirts. So begins the tale of two young and fine nobles who banded together to undertake a quest to form the most exquisite design and print house in the land. After many adventures, involving the slaying of dragons and mythical creatures our heroes settled in ye olde San Francisco and formed (queue epic baroque music) the Lords of Print.

Ok, seriously. Matthew Na Sal and Louie Padama are the brains and brawn behind Lords of Print, a one-stop-shop for all t-shirt and poster printing needs with services ranging from litho, etching, design, production, live-event printing, artist branding and merchandising services and we even host screen printing workshops. Located in the vibrant and exciting city of San Francisco, the two of us strive to bring our diverse talents and skills together in order to give our customers high quality products and an epic experience.

Matt is the founder and co-owner and will be your guide in this t-shirt making adventure. You can expect fast, friendly and helpful responses from the likes of him.

Louie is co-owner and the shop is his castle. He’s the chief printer and art director, who makes sure your files are print-ready and will make sure your shirts come out looking sweet.