The Lords of Print

About Us

The Story So Far

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! Over seven hundred years ago, trapped in the cavernous fourth ring of t-shirt hell, two daring highwaymen crossed the river of woe to break free from the avarice of the apparel printing guild. Much as the storied Count of Monte Cristo, in their case call them the Counts of San Francisco, they sought to vanquish those pernicious peddlers of ink on cloth who dared affront them with high-prices, poor quality printing and even more baleful customer service. These newly minted Lords of Print built their great house upon the Bayview district of San Francisco in a gothic style with just a touch of baroque. As word spread of their fair prices, dedication to quality, zeal for customer service, live event printing and workshops so too did their legend grow.

Your Lords of Print:

Matt Na Sal, the Marquis of Ringspun: Founder, co-owner, answerer of emails, bringer of quotes and writer of prose such as this page you’ve decided to read at least thus far. Likes: Minnesota. Iceland in winter-time. Black on black on black everything, and an occasional heathered-charcoal for contrast. Always Fred Perry. Death rock, post-punk, 2 Tone, doom metal and a heavy dose of Fleetwood Mac. Dune, witches and the telling and retelling to millennials about the time he saw Nirvana play live. Dislikes: Fast food and Skrillex.
Louie Padama, the Earl of Split Fountain: Co-owner and Man-at-arms of the shop.
In summary: Located in San Francisco, we feature high quality printing and customer service, low prices, and live event printing.